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7 01, 2019

Industrial Protection


People, infrastructure and machinery are essential to our businesses.  Without them, work is not done, sales are not made, nothing is maintained and much more.  Protecting people and their working area is essential for a productive and long-lasting business. Verge™ Industrial Safety Barriers provide the essential part of a [...]

Industrial Protection2019-05-13T01:13:05+00:00
7 01, 2019

Thermal Insulated Compact Doors


Why not use Thermal Insulated Compact® Doors to enhance the Thermal Efficiency and Security of your building space? Because of the cool climate in Tasmania, a lot of energy is lost through inefficient doors.  Why not save valuable resources by installing Safe, Quiet and Secure Thermal Insulated Compact® Doors.  In [...]

Thermal Insulated Compact Doors2019-05-30T04:13:49+00:00
7 01, 2019

Energy-Absorbing Heavy Duty Poly Bollards


Steel Bollards are strong, but are they effective? As you can see from the picture, this impacted steel bollard has damaged the aluminium wall section behind the bollard – very difficult to repair!  The concrete has also been torn up, which will need to be completely cut out and [...]

Energy-Absorbing Heavy Duty Poly Bollards2019-05-30T07:29:41+00:00
7 01, 2019

Fast Roll door Durability. Movidor™ Self-repair feature


Fast Roll doors always need durability!  The Movidor™ Fast roll door durability has proved itself over and over, because it always out-performs other fast roll doors thanks to the fantastic way the door curtain self-relocates.  This is most often without the need of human intervention - that's durability!  Because the [...]

Fast Roll door Durability. Movidor™ Self-repair feature2019-05-30T01:47:58+00:00

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