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Thermal Insulated Compact Doors

//Thermal Insulated Compact Doors

Thermal Insulated Compact Doors


Why not use Thermal Insulated Compact® Doors to enhance the Thermal Efficiency and Security of your building space?

Because of the cool climate in Tasmania, a lot of energy is lost through inefficient doors.  Why not save valuable resources by installing Safe, Quiet and Secure Thermal Insulated Compact® Doors.  In addition, excellent noise control and building protection is achieved in contrast to other types of doors. With the ultra-compact folding track design, a thick insulated door panel can be used, and thick panels make your area safe, quiet and secure.  Take advantage of the great range of colour options and you will achieve your own unique, customised look which adds presence and value to your building.

If you watch these videos, you will see that the Thermal Insulated Compact® Door is different from other industrial doors because of the unique patented folding system. When opening, the door folds upwards within the side tracks above the door space. This means you building won’t end up with the obstructions caused by unsightly door tracks across the ceiling.

Compact® Doors are great because they are not built with counterbalance springs.  The life span of springs is very limited and makes the installation and maintenance time-consuming and costly – another way Tasmanian supplier Brid River saves your money in the long run!

The rail system is unique and patented, giving a smooth and quiet door operation and uses little energy.

The Safety Fall Restraint System prevents injury and doubles up as a locking devise.  This gives exception protection from unwanted intruders.

  • Many colour options available
  • Glazed or solid panels
  • Superior perimeter seals to protect from dust, heating/cooling loss – Thermal Efficiency
  • Motorised operation
  • Very quiet
  • Long Life Cycle
  • Automatic Locking gives exception protection from unwanted intruders – Security.

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