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Energy-Absorbing Heavy Duty Poly Bollards

//Energy-Absorbing Heavy Duty Poly Bollards

Energy-Absorbing Heavy Duty Poly Bollards


Steel Bollards are strong, but are they effective? As you can see from the picture, this impacted steel bollard has damaged the aluminium wall section behind the bollard – very difficult to repair!  The concrete has also been torn up, which will need to be completely cut out and replaced.  All up … it is a very costly accident.  Let’s consider an alternative!

Bollards that absorb energy!

Instead of transferring the shock of impact to your expensive concrete and footings (not to mention damage to the vehicle), Poly Bollards from Brid River will deflect on impact. This means the bollard is effectively absorbing energy and reducing the potential for structural damage.  Want to see them in action? Click here – the video is right at the bottom of the page!

Poly Bollards from Brid River provide additional levels of safety both in and outside of the warehouse. Each bollard is made from high density polyethylene and protects warehouse equipment, doorways, openings and inventory from mechanized traffic including forklifts, palettes, cars and trucks.

There are multiple fixing points at the base of the bollard.  This means that in the event that a fixing point is ruptured, you may be able to simply remove the bollard, and rotate to a new fixing point! Designed for use in constant moisture, corrosive or ultra clean environments. The high-density polyethylene material provides an impact resistant material that will not corrode and never requires paint or surface treatments.

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