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Industrial Protection

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Industrial Protection


People, infrastructure and machinery are essential to our businesses.  Without them, work is not done, sales are not made, nothing is maintained and much more.  Protecting people and their working area is essential for a productive and long-lasting business.

Verge™ Industrial Safety Barriers provide the essential part of a productive and safe work environment because it provides the effective separation between vehicular traffic (fork-lifts, cars, trucks etc) and your valuable personnel. The uniform construction and colour of the Verge™ complete Barrier System means that it becomes familiar to your people, and they are subconsciously aware that there are dangers on the other side – it is there for a reason!

Workplace injuries caused by moving vehicles are commonly classified as severe (60+ lost work days)

and too often result in fatalities. This places vehicle and personnel interaction in the high-risk category. In the event that an incident of this nature occurs within your workplace without adequate protective measures in place, your organisation will incur heavy penalties and possible closure until proven safe.

Why Choose Verge™

  • WHS acceptance – makes your workplace safe and orderly
  • Superior strength and finish
  • Fully modular, flat pack kits – all fixings included
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Accessory options
  • Available in various sizes to suit your specific needs
  • Great range of accessories
  • Easy to assemble and install – no cutting, no welding, no mess
  • In stock, ready to dispatch.

Verge™ Safety Barriers by Brid River are here to help lift your workplace safety to a new level.

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