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Fast Roll door Durability. Movidor™ Self-repair feature

//Fast Roll door Durability. Movidor™ Self-repair feature

Fast Roll door Durability. Movidor™ Self-repair feature


Fast Roll doors always need durability!  The Movidor™ Fast roll door durability has proved itself over and over, because it always out-performs other fast roll doors thanks to the fantastic way the door curtain self-relocates.  This is most often without the need of human intervention – that’s durability!  Because the Soft Bottom Edge of the Movidor™ Rapid roll door is flexible, the door curtain deforms when impacted and releases out of the side tracks.  Therefore, with the next opening cycle, the curtain automatically re-inserts back into the tracks.  Want to see this amazing feature in action? Just click here.

  • Auto-relocation of door curtain
  • No down-time caused by a broken door
  • Eliminate expensive service call-outs which saves you money time after time!
  • Effective, consistent operation

This time-lapse clearly shows just how you can save yourselves a lot of headaches by installing a Tasmanian supplied and maintained Movidor Rapid-roll door!

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