Achieve superior protection, access and flexibility with DuraShield … the durable, flame resistant strip screening system. Heavy duty industrial screening with tough, welding grade or clear PVC strips suspended from an aluminium head rail can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Don’t be hemmed in by solid screens. DuraShield allows walk-thru access at any point, and the overlapping PVC strips allow long fabrications to protrude through the screen.

DuraShield Weld creates fail-safe welding flash and grinding spark protection, provides noise and fume control and prevents injury caused by objects thrown from machinery. DuraShield Weld can also be stopped short the floor to allow uninterrupted loading of components in and out of the welding bay. 2.0mm thick DuraShield Weld strips are tear and burn resistant, and its own weight helps resist draught, enhancing weld finish and reducing gas consumption costs.

  • Self-Extinguishing PVC Resists Combustion
  • Easy to Repair or Replace Individual Strips if Damage Occurs
  • Fixed, Sliding or Hook-on Track for Complete Flexibility
  • Optical Protection Against UV & IR Radiation
  • Complies with Australian & European Standards
  • Low Reflection of UV and IR Rays
  • UV Stabilised