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TRU-FOLD Bi-Fold Doors

TRU-FOLD Bi-Fold Doors

The innovative TRU-FOLD™ Bi-Fold Door System is the ideal wide-span door solution. Designed to meet the high engineering standards of the aviation industry, the TRU-FOLD™ Door provides you with a very safe and secure door for large openings. Careful site assessment and construction ensures that this door has the ability to withstand high wind load.

Each TRU-FOLD™ Door is individually engineered to your specific needs and can be made to suit anything from small openings up to a massive 10m high x 18m wide.

Minimum head room is required for these doors as there is no weight placed on the door lintel above the opening. This means that there is no limit to the decorative architectural cladding, and no hefty steel-work required. Precision counter-balancing makes the door safe and easy to operate manually, or with the optional motor drive system.

Full daylight width of the opening is achieved when the door is open providing you with the maximum space for the least possible obstruction. Personal Access Doors can be fitted within the TRU-FOLD™ Door so that quick and easy access is still possible.

To suit your requirements, the TRU-FOLD™ Door can be made to accommodate a multitude of cladding options, from glass to steel cladding.

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