Large doorways? High Wind? With an opening speed of up to 1.2m/second, and a unique fold-up design that incorporates strong steel wind bars embedded within the curtain, Movipak High Speed Folding Doors offer speed, strength and safety, in all conditions.

Extremely versatile and robust design allows Movipak High Speed Folding Doors to be configured for openings up to 10.0mH x 18.0m wide! Exceptionally low maintenance and simple design means these doors can provide continuous operation, with minimal on-going maintenance.

The large proportions of this folding door allow for it to be commonly favoured for use in environments where logistics / haulage / trucking or where a large transport vehicle needs to pass through the entrance on a regular basis throughout the day.

Often, a large standard roller shutter on a warehouse becomes cumbersome with regular use, but the outdoor elements need to be kept at bay and the door cannot be kept open in-between use.

This is where a rapid roller door comes in – they have been designed for regular use throughout the day and can handle the busy doorways of the logistics and haulage industry.