Economical and efficient, the High-Speed Spiral sectional door, with electromechanical drive, is designed for industrial, continuous use even under the most difficult conditions and to operate continuously with minimal maintenance.

The sectional door mechanism consists mainly of a self-supporting construction with lateral galvanized steel borders where the door sections move without contact in a plastic spiral.

Due to the contact-free opening into a spiral, the door runs quietly and virtually wear-free. The side pieces have additional tension springs which ensure the weight counterbalance of the door blade is in accordance with DIN EN 12604.

The door blade consists of reinforced aluminium frames (E6/ EV1 anodized) and is supplied with either transparent or complete fillings.

The ISO-door leaf has outstanding heat insulation features and depending on the desired amount of light, it may be equipped with completely transparent panels to ensure an optimum view.

The sections are connected by hinges and guided by cogwheels during the up-and down movement.

The plastic spiral is constructed in such a way that the sections of the door blade move against each other without contact and therefore wear-free and silent.

  • Regulations are met in accordance with DIN EN 13241-1
  • Resistance against wind force in accordance with DIN EN12424 up to wind class 3
  • Airborne noise insulation in accordance with DIN EN7171 up to 26 dB(A) (Data is depending on door size and configuration)

Designed to operate continuously, with minimal maintenance, the High-Speed Spiral sectional door delivers savings from the moment of installation!