Bird and Bug shield doors are ideal for the Australian climate; the BugStop Roll Up Industrial Screen door is a mesh, screen door designed to block the infiltration of pests into a facility. The doors are made from a durable encapsulated woven polyester mesh which is resistant to colour fading and mildew.

Do you have a requirement for a door barrier where birds and bugs can be stopped from entering while allowing a fresh flow of air into site? Is leaving your roller door open not an option? And is value for money is a key requirement?

Look no further than the Bugstop Rapid Roller Door. Designed to operate continuously, with minimal maintenance.

Ultra-smooth German engineered motor and controllers provide fast and reliable operation, with pin-point positioning accuracy, thanks to absolute encoder and digital limits.

The mesh curtain allows a free flow of air into your facility – where a solid door solution is not ideal during working hours. The Bugstop is an effective barrier against birds, flying bugs and even leaves and other material which can be carried by the wind.

BugStop doors have these unique benefits:

  • Allow fresh air into site for comfort and productivity.
  • Enable light to enter the work area.
  • Improve safety by providing a visual barrier.
  • keeping dock doors open can improve morale and consequently efficiency
  • Insect control to stop insects from entering the building. In many areas of the country, it’s common for employees to leave doors open on sunny, warm days. Generally, the feeling is “what’s the harm” for a few minutes of fresh air. A few minutes turn into a few hours or the whole shift if the doorway is not supervised.
  • Allow fresh air into site but help to prevent mosquitoes zipping into the building or birds turning the dock area into an aviary.
  • Allows fresh air but helps to prevent leaves and other windswept material from being blown into your facility, especially during the Autumn months.
  • Self-Repair, curtain relocation functionality of the Movidor Range.

Insect control can help keep the great outdoors, outdoors.

Curtain screen doors allow the flow of fresh air and traffic, but keep out problems – dirt, birds, leaves, persistent rodents and airborne seeds. These doors also discourage passers-by and intruders from just strolling into a building.

These doors offer a shade factor reducing radiant heat. This kind of protection can be especially important for facilities that process food, beverages, drugs or chemicals, and those that manufacture sensitive products. Because screen doors are available in large sizes, they are frequently found on body shop and garage doorways, protecting the surfaces of newly painted vehicles.