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Movichill High-speed Freezer Doors

Movichill High-speed Freezer Doors

High Speed roll up door for cool-rooms and freezer doors up to 4000mmH x 4000mmW.

Movichill High Speed Insulated Door utilizes a unique multi-layer PE foam and PVC skin curtain which has been designed to reduce energy loss through your doorways, without compromising the key knock-out and self-relocation benefits of the Movidor range.

The Movichill High Speed Insulated Door is ideally suited to ultra high-use freezer doorways, boasting a Thermal resistance (R-Value) of 0.6m2K/W, where multiple openings per hour reduce effectiveness of insulated doors, yet necessitate exceptional air-tightness, and durable, ‘self-repairing’ operation.

The Movichill utilizes German engineered Movidor controllers, with heated frames, minimising ice formation and ensuring that the curtain operates freely in any environment.

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