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From our extensive knowledge in commercial buildings including the retail, warehousing, medical and food industries, Brid River Sales has researched the best possible way of protecting not only walls and doorways but pipe work, electrical cabinets, air conditioners, fire services and a host of other items. Our research revealed that the number one requirement from our customers was the need for a safe and easy way of protecting the fixtures in a commercial building.

Imagine a BumpRail system that out performs traditional timber and aluminium bumprails that never requires painting. Coldshield has developed an exceptional wall to wall rail system. Made from a unique formula which can withstand low temperatures and not go brittle while also withstanding heat and UV rays. It is made from the same compound as roadside guideposts and vinyl weatherboards enabling it to return to its original shape and condition even after heavy impact. The surface has a grooved finish to help hide scratches and blemishes. It is ideal to protect walls in any trolley traffic area.

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