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TRU-SEAL Inflatable Dock Seal

//TRU-SEAL Inflatable Dock Seal

TRU-SEAL Inflatable Dock Seal

Seal your loading environment and save on energy at the flick of a switch with a TRU-SEAL™ Inflatable Dock Seal system. TRU-SEAL™ is one of the most effective and reliable dock seal systems available, providing an inflatable air bag system that suits a wide range of truck sizes. Extremely robust, the TRU-SEAL™ is designed for tough use, while the simple fan-driven system drastically reduces energy loss from temperature-controlled environments and protects against weather, dust, insects and more. Designed to be reliable, easy to use and personnel safe, the TRU-SEAL™ Inflatable Dock Seal is the last word in dock environment control.

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