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Strip Door Mounting Systems

//Strip Door Mounting Systems

Strip Door Mounting Systems

Brid River Sales has developed a range of unique hardware for challenging mounting problems. Our mounting systems have been designed and proven to ensure fast installation and long term performance in all applications, regardless of traffic flow, door structure or environment.

Dished washers are used in all Brid River Strip Curtains for longer life of the PVC strip and helps prevent tearing at the mounting points

Stainless steel fixings prevent corrosion and ensure easy maintenance whilst aluminium mounting tracks are anodised for a durable neutral finish.

Brid River strip curtains provide major energy savings in refrigerated environments

500 Series – Hinged cover for hygiene and ascetics

Heavy duty head rail – Allows both wall and ceiling mounting

Stainless steel hook-on track system – Corrosion resistant and easy removal for cleaning and unrestricted access

Strip curtain sliding track options
Brid River Sliding curtains allow a clear unrestricted access through your doorway during times of intense traffic or when the barrier is not required. Our sliding strip curtain can be optioned with spring loaded positioning locks and extension handles for high doorways. Our beam system allows the strip curtain to be mounted inside a doorway that has a roller door fitted, this ensures the curtain is protected from the weather and vandalism.


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