The Brid River range of DuraTherm sectional insulated doors are the product of smart engineering design and years of first-hand experience in the field of insulated traffic doors. With features and specifications that set the DuraTherm doors apart, you can be assured that every care has been taken to ensure these doors will provide years of trouble-free operation – in almost any environment.

Unique insulated panel design
High density polyurethane filled panels have an excellent insulation value (4.8 r-value), and each section is interlocked, with a thermal break between panels.

100% seal when closed
Attention to detail matters most when an air-tight seal is required. DuraTherm doors overlap the sides of the opening by 50mm, and boast integrated rubber and foam seals. When the door is closed, no birds, insects or air can enter or escape.

Built tough
With the strongest door gear in the industry, the DuraTherm door will operate continuously with minimal on-going maintenance.

Motor Kits
Compact, yet heavy duty motor and control systems can be fitted to the DuraTherm sectional insulated doors. Featuring reversing overload sensing, emergency opening override, the DuraTherm motor kit offers ease of use and safety for both people and products.