The 6000 Series Cool room and Freezer doors are the ultimate in Refrigeration Doors. They are the most energy efficient and food safe cool room doors available today, designed to suit the most discerning, energy conscious client. Our unique sliding track system ensures the seals are lifted clear of the floor and away from the wall frame to reduce the stress and wear on the seal system. When the door comes to rest in the closed position the seals are pressed onto the smooth wall frame and floor plate to provide an exceptional seal equivalent to your home refrigerator.

One handed easy opening operation minimises OH&S risks to your staff. There is no drag from frozen seals on the floor or wall, therefore the door simply glides open to the cushioning rubber stops.

Corrosion resistant materials are used throughout the construction of the door. An excellent combination of aluminium and extruded PVC components ensures your doors will withstand constant wash-down from your cleaning department.

Up and Out Sliding Action eliminates damage to seals
Positive closing creates excellent door sealing and energy savings
No Floor Fixings for ease of cleaning
Easy One-handed opening for reduction to OH&S issues
Motorisation available with automatic activation.

Available in 75mm, 100mm and 150mm panel thicknesses.